The Importance Of Hope In Challenging Circumstances

At Bayside Family Law Solutions, we understand that life is tough for a lot of people right now. There is a new type of pressure that comes with schooling kids at home, caring for elderly parents and working from home. With everyone cooped up, there are limited outlets for reprieve and though it seems we’ve missed the worst of the health-related effects of COVID-19 so far, we’ve been told to expect the most significant economic downturn since the Great Depression.

For people living in broken relationships, there is another layer of difficulty to navigate. People who had agreed to go their separate ways before the lockdown but had not physically done so, have now had to place their lives on hold. There may be tension in these households, hostility perhaps or even a sense of hopelessness.

I recently watched The Shawshank Redemption (again). The film illustrates several aspects of humanity, one of them being the importance of hope. Morgan Freeman’s character Red (a lifer) tells the newcomer inmate Andy (Tim Robbins) that it is dangerous to hope. But Andy gives hope back to Red by creating a picture in his mind of something valuable he can find on the outside, buried near an old oak tree.

For people living in broken relationships under lockdown, it can be hard to be hopeful. But hope is necessary to picture the life you want. You can then think of the ways to create this new life, and take steps to make it happen.

At Bayside Family Law Solutions, we help people deal with their legal issues as they exit broken relationships and enter the new lives they imagine for themselves. If you’re in this position, now is the time to plan and do your homework. Gather information, get good legal advice, create some goals, plan for contingencies and move towards your new life.

If you’d like to discuss these first steps – or how to take them – give me a call on 8842 3140 or send me an email at and we’ll tee up a chat.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember to hope.

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